New Years Resolution Juice Detox Challenge

Your Challenge: 14 Day Detox Our Guarantee: You’ll Feel Great Juice, Power Juice, Detoxifier, Smoothie Whatever name your drink goes by the aim is still the same, that aim being to ‘Kickstart‘ 2016 with a Cleanse of the Christmas and New Year Festivity Toxins. A Juice Cleanse is more powerful than you might think. Detoxing
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Get Fighting Fit Pt 1

6 Weeks, 10Kgs, 5 Rounds Of Kickboxing Action. See the Before & After Transformation.   Well it’s no secret that any Fighter in any Combat Sport isn’t in prime ‘Fight Fit Shape‘ with the killer instinct of a Great White Shark all year round. In order for fighters whether they be Male or Female to Get Fighting
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Getting Fit at 40

How many times have you said? We Used To Do That When We Were Younger! If you are 40+ and have said this more than once you need to read this. If you’ve hit 40 with a bible full of seemingly respectable excuses and have decided the damage has already been done so your active
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