BPA Free Glass Infusion Bottle


100% BPA Free & BPS Free Glass Infusion Bottle
No Odour / No Leakage
A Cleaner & Healthier Way To Drink

BPA Free Glass Infusion Bottle


 The Cleaner & Healthier Way To Drink

Product Details:

Whether you drink Protein Powder, Hydration Drinks, BCAA, Fruit Infused Water or just plain and simple Water, our Campbell Nutrition B-On-1 BPA Free Glass Infusion Bottle is a must for any Sports Bag. That basically is the top and bottom of it.

We have been listening to the Reviews & Comments of our trusted customers and after a long time of Searching, Testing & Negotiating we have now settled on this amazingly Unique Water Bottle which we think suit all your needs.

We at Campbell Nutrition are really proud to offer our Borosilicate Infusion Water Bottle in two eye-catching colours making anyone holding one the obvious Centre Of Attention:

B-On-1 Glass Bottle:

Hydration is important for everyone, whether you’re working out or sat at a desk. So make sure you’re refueling right!

The Campbell Nutrition BPA Free Glass Infusion Bottle come well equipped with Great Features making them ideal whether you are Male or Female, Casual Fitness or a Serious Competitor. A must-have item for any and ALL Health Enthusiasts, Healthy Lifestylers and Active People in general.

The B-On-1 Bottle are handmade from premium grade borosilicate glass, which unlike many alternatives such as plastic, doesn’t hold onto odors or leach unwanted chemicals into your drink. Giving you a fresh and clean taste with every sip! They are Easy to use and Practical in it’s Silicone Sleeve Design and NO Leakage Lid. The simple but Tried & Tested design make the B-On-1 bottle Comfortable to hold and Drink from. Great Mixing, Infusion & Blending results are Guaranteed due to the Mesh Inner Lid, leaving no chance for unmixed products to get through. The 600ml capacity is just the right size for any drink you are carrying and with the wide head of the bottle Cleaning after use is made so much easier.

Borosilicate Glass is designed to deal with thermal shock better than most, as it can withstand temperature from -20C to 150C. This makes the bottle perfect if you want to store it in the freezer or use it to steep fresh tea using the filter in the lid and boiling water.

The Protective Silicone Case adds protection and gives a safer grip, while the 2 part filter lid makes it perfect for adding ingredients such as fruit to infuse water, fresh tea leaves or perhaps a protein shake.

Every Campbell Nutrition BPA Free Glass Infusion Bottle complies to the EU Directives and its amendments and/or the FDA Regulation concerning plastics materials and/or final articles intended to come into contact with food sources.

It’s also important to remember that by using a B On 1 BPA Free Glass Infusion Bottle you will be helping to keep 1,000s of plastic bottles from going into landfill everyday and preserving our environment.

Key Features:
100% BPA Free / BPS Free

Premium Grade Borosilicate Glass

600ml Capacity

Practical Design

2 Part Mesh Inner Infuser Lid

Protective Silicone Sure-Grip Sleeve

Thermal Shock Resistant

B-On-1 Logo

Easy Clean

Odour Free

Secure Screw Top Lid

No Leakage

Additional Information

Goal - Target

Energy / Recovery, Recovery, Rehydration, Wellbeing


All Sports





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