Gym Fashion Fails


Going To The Gym/Fitness Studio Isn’t What It Used To Be!

Do your thoughts prior to going to the gym primarily consist of?

1)  Will I do Cardio, Weight Train or a Class?
2)  Have I got my Drink, Keys, Towel and £1 for the Locker?
3)  How long will I be there Busting a Gut, Reaching My Goals and Sweating like a Fugitive On The Run?

How many times have you stepped into your Gym or Fitness Studio of Choice and shaken you head in complete Unrivalled Defeat?


Is it because your Gym of Choice suddenly became the equivalent of a Paris Catwalk showcasing more Designer Brands, Hairstyles, Hair Products, Fake Nails, Full Bodied Eyelashes and Piz Buin than Bluewater, Lakeside or The Trafford Centre?

Fashion in the Gym can for the some people be so overwhelming they Lose Focus of why they actually began the Journey along the Road to there Personal End Goal thus raising doubt as to whether going to the Gym to Workout if for them.  Fashion & Fitness are not always a Marriage Made In Heaven and below we at Campbell Nutrition would like to address some Gym Fashion Fails!

EVERY Gymnasium DOES or SHOULD have clear Health & Safety Guidelines for Patrons but when we examined the varying ends of the Suitable/Suitably/Suitability/Sensible/Sensibly Scale we found Fashion puts up a VERY noble Fight.

Ultimately Functionality, Comfort & Injury Prevention are your Tools of Choice and Keys to Fitness Success!


Your Chances or Fitness Success are severely Hampered with these Gym Fashion Fails.  And believe you me we’ve seen these with our Very Own Eyes.

In a moment of Madness we ourselves may’ve been Guilty of one or two of these Gym Fashion Fails

1) Snapback Caps / Beenies / Oversized Woolies.

Unless generously coated with a layer of searing Sarcasm the words ‘Nice Cap Bro‘ should never be uttered nor encouraged in the Gym, it only serves mask the monumental error of the ‘GymbecilesFashion Fail Ways.

2) Converse Trainers / Vans / Crocs / Flip Flops.

If your Gym Workout Equipment is better suited for an outdoor Basketball Court, Kids Skate or BMX Park, Shallow Lido Pool or Sand Filled Beach then for want of a better phrase, ‘YOUR NAMES NOT DOWN, YOUR NOT COMING INgo elsewhere and Knock Your Socks Off or Fill Your Boots but  ‘NOT IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT BUKO.  For the serious gym going exponent of the art ‘Sweating‘ this footwear choice should be avoided as if it were infected with an aggressive strain of the ‘Gymbecile‘ Virus.

3) Magnum P.I. / Top Gun Aviator Sunglasses.

Admittedly, some gym patrons do like the anonymity afforded them for that 60 or so minutes of ‘Me TimeGym Workout.  However, there is no Blinding Sunlight, no Red Ferrari, no Top Gun Fighter Jet and most importantly no machine that works your accompanying ‘Pouty Lips‘.  Also with a pair of Designer Aviators the thin line between Anonymity & Undercover Disguise becomes VERY blurred as does the Gymbeciles Depth Perception & Focus when Spotting his/her Gym Buddy.

4) Wolverine Fake Nails / 6 inch Eyelashes

  We do believe these items of ‘Mass Gym Destruction‘ need no explanation but here’s one anyway. If you’d prefer to have a Secure, Safe Firm & Confident grip on your chosen piece of apparatus we’d suggest ditching the nails, DO you really want a Lawsuit on your hands (no pun intended) when one of these recently applied (with substandard glue) adapted weapons ping off and takes off another patrons 6inch Eyelashes on its way to lodging itself deep into there eyeball?

5) Male Lycra Leggings Without Shorts.

Even if you’re bringing Lynford Christie’s Lunchbox to the Gym with you, Lycra Leggings on a man without a pair of shorts over the ‘Business Area‘ are and always have been a Health Risk to anyone unfortunate enough to witness them, much less the risk of a Hernia, Twisted Testicles or inadvertently taking someone’s eye out if it all gets a little too loose and Beast is Unleashed.

6) Ladies Sports Bra’s/ Crop Tops / Leggings

Purchasing the Correct Size in any of these necessary items is the key to not earning the title of ‘Fashion Failing Gymbecile‘ in this category.  A Sports Bra too small may feel secure but trust me, it only draws unwanted attention and quite frankly due to lack of Available Chest Expansion whilst breathing under heavy exercise could lead to you collapsing and passing out only to find upon waking up dazed and confused that some helpful non medically trained but keen chappy has kindly cut you clean out of your eye catching Sports Bra whilst skilfully avoiding a Lawsuit with the excuse of ‘Giving You Some Air‘.  Crop Tops give the opposite effect where you maybe more concentrated on keeping yourself in rather than worrying about our previously mentioned friend cutting you out.  Both ‘Concentration & Worry‘ detracting from you being able to ‘Focus‘ on training.  Leggings, let’s face it looking and feeling like you are about to be cut in two (not by a skilled magician in his sold out magic show either) has to take your mind away for your training Goal and therefore reduce the effectiveness of your Workout.

Let’s be ‘Supportive not Intrusive‘.

However humorous I’ve tried to make this article Gym Fashion is Serious, get it wrong and the untold irreversible damage you could cause to yourself and in some cases to others can be catastrophic.  Clothing, however fashionable in its look, and we DO all want to look In-Place, Fashionable, Good or Part of can and should also be Supportive, Protective & Functional. With these factors taken into consideration you will enjoy the Road to your Goal and your Body will Treat you Better for Longer