Get Fighting Fit Pt 1

6 Weeks, 10Kgs, 5 Rounds Of Kickboxing Action.

See the Before & After Transformation.


FullSizeRender  Well it’s no secret that any Fighter in any Combat Sport isn’t in prime ‘Fight Fit Shape‘ with the killer instinct of a Great White Shark all year round.

In order for fighters whether they be Male or Female to Get Fighting Fit from what could be Off Peak training or Injury Recover they’ll undergo what is termed as there ‘Fight Camp‘.  This camp could be anything from 6-12 weeks dependant on the notice time of the fight, or present fitness, or the level at which the fight is set.

Lets face it, a Professional Fighter paid to train and compete will have a team of professionals on-hand to tailor training plans and plot weekly targets to enable that particular fighter to Get Fighting Fit and Peak just at the right moment to be the Best they can be at Fight Time.  An Amateur Fighter on the other hand, holding down a full or part-time job to make ends meet may have to share training with other amateurs, share ideas about Under-Training, Over-Training, Nutrition, Injury Prevention and plot there own preparation with limited resources hoping, praying they will be Good Enough on the day.

It’s not uncommon for any fighter Amateur or Professional to fight in a weight category that leaves them with a seemingly impossible amount of weight to lose but still remain Strong, Fit, Energised, Eager & Confident of a WIN.

Such was the case of a Campbell Nutrition customer who came to us with this dilemma!

1)  He had 10Kg of weight to lose to make his 79Kg weigh-in Weight Limit.

2)  He was signed up for a 5 round Full Contact Kickboxing Match.

At this point not too many people would see any major issues or Stumbling Blocks ahead but then came the Crunch.

3)  He only had 6 Weeks in which to achieve his Weight Limit Goal and Get Fighting Fit

Even as an amateur with all the restrictions and challenges presented to him this customer, with the help and advise given to him here at Campbell Nutrition made Weight, stayed Strong and was Highly Energised for a Hard fought 5 Round Battle which saw him come out as the WINNER by Unanimous Decision.

We at Campbell Nutrition see Supplements as exactly that which is a ‘Supplement‘ to a good balanced Diet Plan and Training Program

A)  Glass of Water When You Wake Up – Metabolism Kickstarter.

B)  High Protein Low Fat Breakfast – Muscle Fibre Feeding.

C) Low Carbohydrate Cereal Bar Snack – Keeps the Metabolic Rate in High Gear.

C)  Omega Fish Oils or Protein & Vegetable Lunch – Good Oils & Fatty Acids allowing Great Protein Synthesis.

D)  Apple / Banana / Low Carbohydrate Protein Shake Late Afternoon Snack – Potassium / Liver Cleanse / Metabolism Maintenance.

E)  Chicken / Steak / Beef / Fish Evening Meal – Protein Vitamin & Mineral Injection

F) Low Carbohydrate Slow Release Protein Shake / ZMA – Metabolism Burns Fat while you Sleep / Get a Great nights Sleep.

Feel Great Lose Weight!