Getting Fit at 40

How many times have you said?

We Used To Do That When We Were Younger!

If you are 40+ and have said this more than once you need to read this.

If you’ve hit 40 with a bible full of seemingly respectable excuses and have decided the damage has already been done so your active nimble lifestyle days are a distant memory well behind you as far as exercise goes, then think again.

For some reason society has given becoming 40 the Milestone Gauge Standard Award of how our lives have been, have become, how we’ve treated our bodies, health and others (YES people) around us.  In some cases the term ‘Getting Fit At 40’ is laughed at as if it were a Mythical Unicorn, something people talk about but very few see as a REALITY or Achievable Goal.  Lifestyles, Work, Family Commitments, Finances, Location, Facilities etc are the excuses that tend to get thrown about when confronted with the possible idea or grabbing back those days we were always doing something active.

According to the British Heart Foundation, there is a direct link between getting old Healthily & Gracefully with the amount of exercise you take as you age.  Of course there the exceptions to the rule of this broadly scoped statement as in any area of life but those exceptions should be seen as Inspiration for your own Personal Goals of Getting Fit At 40 to be achieved.  For more than 8yrs the B.H.F. tracked 3,500 people with an average age of 64 and those that exercised everyday were 3 or 4 times more likely to age healthily than those who did nothing.

I’m not saying the whole country should be awash with exercise classes ranging from Yoga to Crossfit to Martial Arts to HIIT Classes to Powerlifting to Zumba filled with OAP’s.  Just some form of Light to Moderate enjoyable exercise is all that is required.

Chances are any one of you amazing people reading this now can name at least ONE Friend, Colleague, Family Member (immediate or distant), Old School Associate who has unfortunately passed before or by the age of 40 and that untimely passing can in some conversation at some point be attributed in some part to Health or Lifestyle.

The B.H.F. suggest Adults should try to be Active Daily and aim for 150 mins (2hr 30min) of varied activity to get our Lungs Expanded, Heartrate Up, Body Temperature Increased & Bloodflow Increased each week.  How this exercise is undertaken is not a formula set in stone so whether it be the Full Access Gold Level Gym Membership or just an accumulation of brisk walks instead of using the car from time to time in 10 minute spurts, as long as it fits your Needs, Lifestyle, Commitments, Physical Ability or Goal of Getting Fit At 40 it all contributes to the longer more enjoyable Life we all long for where we see our Children & Grandchildren Grow Up with us Actively participating in there Lives and maybe showing them a thing or two.

It’s Never Too Late To Get Active, but there’s no need to wait until retirement to Get Started.