Doors and Opportunities Opening Up

Working hard on the upcoming BodyPowerExpo seems to be opening doors the team didn’t think possible. We thought we were working in the background feverishly to make a successful debut at the biggest health and fitness event in Europe but the phones have been ringing for supplements advise, people saying we’ve been recommended to them and offers of partnerships. CN even had an offer to buy into the company which shows we are going along the right lines. CN will not be selling out however, we want to stay pure and deliver our original promise of service and product quality.
April was indeed a ‘Doors Opening’ month and we look to past that positivity to all our present and future customers. Stick with us as we get better each day and learn something new.
May will see Campbell Nutrition
1. Showcase in Birmingham
2. Finalise a deal with a martial arts centre
3. Enter into the BRISCA F1 / Modifieds / Mod Lites racing world
4. Negotiate a presence in hugely popular high end racing brand.
A hugely exciting month ahead so stay tuned for further updates